Implied warranty
You as the consumer can choose whether supplementary performance should take place through amendment or replacement. But please consider that we are entitled to refuse the selected type of subsequent delivery if it entails disproportionate costs and if the other type of supplementary performance remains without considerable disadvantages for you.
If our attempts to remedy the defect fail, or if subsequent delivery is not possible, or only within an excessively long time, you can either demand a reduction of the purchase price, withdraw from the contract (so-called withdrawal) or demand compensation from us instead of the actual performance. lf you choose the compensation option instead of actual performance, the limitations of liability stated by us in accordance with § 7 and § 8 of the General Terms and Conditions. In addition, we expressly point out that we will not allow the right to withdraw in the event of detects that are negligible within the meaning of the law.

10-year warranty
ln addition to the statutory 2-year warranty for consumers, we offer you another 8-year warranty in accordance with the present provisions. If you would like to claim a repair or replacement under warranty, you will need to return the article to us. In this case, you will at first need to pay the shipping costs yourself. If our receiving inspection determines that this is a warranty case according to the present provisions and if we ship a replacement to you, we will reimburse you the postage for the most cost-effective shipping method.

Please mail the articles by reference to the warranty to your local dealer or to:

c/o Repairs
389 Partridge Ln
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

Please enclose a copy of the original invoice with your claim. Please understand that we must reject the claim unless the respective invoice is enclosed as proof. We are able to calculate the warranty period by means of this proof only. The warranty covers material and processing defects in the product. Wear and tear or defects caused as the result of circumstances that have arisen due to incorrect use or due to a behavior that is not within our area of responsibility are excluded from this warranty.
If the model cannot be replaced by an identical model, it is left to our discretion to supply you with a corresponding successor model in this case. Thus, damage or defects not covered by the 8-year warranty granted by us are especially also damages or defects that have arisen from use not according to instructions or from improper handling and/or handling that does not meet the specified purpose.
Our guarantee also does not cover cases where the defects have arisen as the result of the fact that the respective directions for use have not been followed. Furthermore, we reserve the right to first test the products returned by you with respect to our standardized warranty conditions. In addition, we must politely point out to you that we do not extend the warranty period itself in a warranty case. We are of course unable in these cases to grant an additional 8-year warranty period. However, the remaining warranty period for the product originally purchased from us shall continue to remain in force. 

Liability under the product liability law
Our liability under the product liability law shall of course remain unaffected by the above regulations if the respective prerequisites are fulfilled that allow the corresponding claims.
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