• After searching extensively for a hiking tripod, I chose the FLM CP26 Travel II and couldn’t be happier. It strikes the perfect balance of size and weight to accompany me on any adventure.
  • FLM Tripods Professional Photographer Jaron Hudgins
    FLM gear has changed the way I think about my photography
  • FLM Tripods Professional Photographer Ian Johnson
    I've spent a long time looking for the perfect tripod setup. With FLM, I've finally found it.
FLM Tripods for photography


Featuring 10-layer Carbon Fiber tubes, a CNC-milled apex and a revised leg angle lock design, the Series II is taller, lighter, stronger, more compact, utterly reliable, and comes with FLM's standard 10-year warranty.

Series II 4-section tripods fold down to 23 inches (the CP30-S4 folds down to 19 inches); the legs cannot be folded upwards on these models, which was a standard feature of the old tripods with center column. Series II tripods have improved leg grips, revised leg angle locks, and a new apex made of CNC-milled aluminum. This greatly increases the strength and durability compared to other tripods that use die-cast parts.

Ball Heads

Our patented Centerballs have many features unique to FLM.

Tilt lock allows the user to have 2D-like movements at any set angle on the ball head. Friction memory lock maintains friction settings while still locking and unlocking the ball head. Optional PRS knob gives tactile and audible clicks at every 15˚ in panning mode. F-series ball heads include a reversible 1/4" to 3/8" camera thread.

Features easy-clean ball, laser-engraved dial, compact size, light weight and high load capacity. We use a cork/rubber hybrid for our plates, heads and tripods.
tripod clamps and plates

Clamps & Plates

Patented one-touch clamping and locking system. CNC-machined for ultimate precision. Our clamps and plates are UniQ/C-compatible. ​SRB clamps are Arca-compatible. Available in a variety of sizes for multiple applications. Clamps and plates are available separately or in sets. We use a cork/rubber hybrid for our plates, heads and tripods.


Whether you need replacement parts, or want to add to the features of your current FLM gear, we have you covered.

Special or custom parts can also be ordered by contacting us directly.
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