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The FLM CB-43 Ball Head is a high capacity ball head within FLM's Professional FT line. Featuring an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, the head can support a maximum load of 66 lb while maintaining a fairly light weight of only 1.1 lb. The head stands 3.7" tall and features a base diameter of just 2.3". It utilizes a 3/8"-16 bottom thread for attaching to most tripod legs and features a standard 1/4"-20 top thread for mounting most cameras and lenses.

The FT line is designed around three important features which, when combined, make this ball head a unique and versatile tool. The first two are simple, an integrated knob for independent friction control and a separate pan lock with 10° markings for precise, incremental movement. The third feature is a patented 2-way tilt function which allows the user to lock the ball in a single position and then shift the ball back-and-forth along a single, straight line. This feature allows the head to be positioned in any direction and then separately leveled to straighten the horizon or bring a camera incrementally closer to a static object.

Additional information

Head Type

Ball Head

Load Capacity

66.1 lb / 30 kg


1.1 lb / 512 g



Base Diameter

2.3" / 60mm

Mounting Thread

3/8-16", Female


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