FLM CB-38FT Ball Head


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Product Overview


This FLM CB-38FT Ball Head is simple, elegant and traditional in appearance with a two-tone finish and features a large easy-grip knob for ball control, and an additional control knob for friction control. In addition, the head features a calibrated panning base, with a independent panning lock.

This version also features PTF™ (Patented Tilt Function). This means that when operating the tilting function the ball can only be rotated around its center axis. The ball joint is now locked and will only provide 2-D tilting operation.

Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards, each component is milled from a solid block of aluminum and computer machined to tolerances within .01mm. Each ball head is tested for smooth movement and lockdown strength. Includes 1/4-20" to 3/8-20" conversion screw.

Additional information

Head Type

Ball Head

Base Mount

1/4"-20 Female & 3/8"-16 Female

Load Capacity

55.1 lb / 25 kg

Friction Control



14.99 oz / 425 g


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